Wednesday, January 22, 2014

English, Thursday and Friday (w. 4)

Anteckningar från förra gången.


In groups, you will be assigned one of the two situations below.  Your task is to write a small scene that describes what happens. You have to base your script on what you know so far about the characters, the reservation, Reardan and so on. You won't know who gets to play which part in the dialogue. Those who don't play will be asked about the motivations behind your scripts. Those who play the roles will be allowed to look at the scripts while acting (but they should try not to).

Purpose: interpreting and understanding the text together, and using that understanding to create a scene.

The scenes will be performed tomorrow.

Situation One

The school secretary, Melinda
Junior's home room teacher, Mr. Grant
Junior's geology teacher Mr. Dodge

After the science lesson about petrified forests, Mr. Dodge comes into the teacher's lounge and sits down by Melinda and Mr. Grant. Melinda sees that he is upset and asks him why.

Situation Two

Mr. P
Mary (a student who is smart and resembles Junior's sister)
Manny (one of the guys in Frankenstein masks who beat up Junior at Halloween)

As class starts, the day after Thanksgiving, Manny makes a derogatory remark about Junior who he has just seen on his way to Reardan. Mr. P hears it and says "What did you say?".

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