Tuesday, November 26, 2013

English, Thursday and Friday

Lektionsmål: skumläsa, sovra och summera (skimming, sorting and summarizing information)

Essay topic

You are a student at an international school in London/ Washington DC. The theme for the next issue of the school paper is: national identity, and you decide to contribute with an article where you present how Sweden is perceived by Americans and Englishmen, and discuss how correct this view is, according to you.


- Skim/ listen to the information in the articles I give you
- Sort what you hear/read, and summarize what what the text says about how Swedes are perceived
- Tell your group mates about the the text/image/video using the following template (mall)

Groups tomorrow:

Adrian, Hanna, Isak, Jeff
Elvira, Harald, Max, Simon
Alex, Henrik, Jonatan, Rebecka, Alfred
Erik, Ludwig, Mattias, Saman
Anders, Caroline, Taysira, Hampus, Albin

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